Lesson Plan

Social Media Usage

Is there a difference in the way organizations present news via social media and in print? The third in a series of 16 lessons from The Social Media Toolbox explores news outlets and their delivery methods. Groups follow a story for a week and critique the manner in which outlets report it via print, social media, and video.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas
  • Have the class vote on the topic they wish to follow for the activity; keep in mind the topic should be accessible on the local, national, and global levels
  • Pick a variety of news outlets for students to use in both print and online formats
Classroom Considerations
  • Pupils need Internet access each of the five days of the lesson to read and critique news stories from various social media sites
  • Individuals gain valuable experience in reading critically and discussing issues in small group format
  • The articles included with the lesson plan are thought-provoking and well written
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