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Share relevant, standards-aligned resources with your colleagues.

When schools and districts use Lesson Planet, all teachers and students benefit. The school-purchased version of Lesson Planet, called Learning Explorer, provides additional features including curriculum management, resource collaboration & sharing, and even more resources. Schools can:

Search resources and activities by learning standards, grade, subject, resource type and keywords

Enable teachers to collaborate and share lessons with each other

Centralize and search all instructional resources in one platform

Include district-licensed resources from BrainPOP, Newsela, Discovery Education and more!

Manage curriculum using district-published materials such as curriculum guides, pacing guides, and district-created resources

Access 2 million ad-free and comment-free educational videos from creators such as PBS, Smithsonian, SciShow, AP, TED and LearnZillion

Learning Explorer, the school version of Lesson Planet, is the all-in-one interactive learning platform.

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Search and discover resources and activities

  • Centralized content repository of curriculum, instructional resources and activities
    • District-created
    • District-licensed
    • Learning Explorer-provided
  • Search by grade, subject, resource and activity type, standards, concepts, keywords and more

Build lessons, homework, remediation and enrichment

  • Drag & drop resources and activities into student lessons, homework, remediation or enrichment collections
  • Enrich, organize and personalize lessons
    • Add your favorite external resources or activities
    • Add instructions, notes and quizzes to resources and activities
    • Share and collaborate with colleagues, enabling team-based review and editing

Organize and manage curriculum

  • Incorporate any resources (e.g., unit guides, pacing guides, vertical alignments)
  • Tag any resource for search, organization and reuse
  • Publish complete or example units and lessons
  • Share curriculum framework with teachers

Teach synchronously or asynchronously

  • Deliver lessons and remediation sessions in the classroom with a seamless, slideshow-like player and playlist experience
  • Engage students asynchronously, either in the classroom or remotely by assigning lessons, homework or enrichment activities via the player, directly in your LMS or classroom system

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What educators are telling us

Colleen M. | Virginia Beach, VA
Student Engagement
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"I can find fantastic ideas to spin off of and approach with my alternative education high school students. I have just what I need to add to motivate students!"
Eileen P. | Phoenix, AZ
Deeper Understanding
Read More
"I have been able to use additional supplemental materials, so students are able to gain more knowledge and a different perspective."
Alexis M. | Bemidji, MN
Time Savings
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"Now I have more time to teach and plan thoughtful lessons rather than spending that time scouring the internet for resources and just throwing study guides at students!"
John M. | Calhoun, GA
Differentiated Instruction
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"The ability to provide differentiated instruction across a broad spectrum of students has helped me be a better teacher for my students."
Christine C. | Lawrence, KS
Flexible Search
Read More
"As a teacher of gifted elementary students, I need to have content from several grade levels and subject areas on hand. Lesson Planet keeps these resources available at any time, for all the grade levels I need."
Christine C. | Hailesboro, NY
New Teacher Preparation
Read More
"As a new teacher I have found this very beneficial in planning lessons and presenting them in different ways."

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