Lesson Plan

A Student’s Guide to Using Social Media Safely

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This A Student’s Guide to Using Social Media Safely lesson plan also includes:

While the kids in your class tap quickly on their electronic devices to stay in touch with their peers, they may not know the consequences of online social lives. Take them through a discussion about potential downfalls of a social media presence, including bullying, violent threats, and failing background checks for jobs or scholarships.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Lead a discussion about your learners' experiences online, using specific examples (that kids are willing to share) to guide the points you're going to make
  • Use in a peer counseling class or after school club
  • Create a coalition of learners who'd like to discuss the problem of cyberbullying and tips for using social media
Classroom Considerations
  • The resource contains a lot of discussion points and ideas, but not a lot of activities or opportunities for assessment
  • Some of the discussion points are sensitive and might be upsetting for some learners (violence, threats, bullying, etc)
  • Provides lots of reasons why social media can be threatening or harmful, but offers few tips about safe ways that kids can engage with their peers online
  • Engaging for kids who are currently active on social media, or who hope to become active online
  • Relevant to your learners, and opens an important discussion that they may not have had with each other or with an adult
  • None