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Spend less time planning so you have more energy for your students. We help you get right to the good stuff.

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Online educational resources: They're scattered all over the web. Who has time to search through everything to find the right ones?

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We scour the web to find top quality lesson plans, videos, presentations, activities, apps, and worksheets for you.

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Our credentialed teachers on staff rate and review every single resource according to our rigorous review process.

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We categorize every resource by grade, subject, Common Core or state standard, so you can find exactly what you need.


When you want to find compelling lessons and get some new ideas, log in to Lesson Planet, search for exactly what you need, and find it in a snap.

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Less time searching means more time for your students.

Review process

Our Review Process — Quality you can trust

Our credentialed teachers on staff:

  • Follow stringent guidelines to rate and assess every resource
  • Develop and use detailed rubrics for consistent quality assurance
  • Give every resource we link to a thorough once­-over
  • Share tips and ideas based on 150 combined years in the classroom
  • Participate in ongoing professional learning to stay on top of trends, standards, what matters for you

Our guidelines for reviews and ratings:


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