KidsHealth in the Classroom: Health Problems Series Grades 9-12

Collector: Ann V.

The KidsHealth in the Classroom: Health Problems Series for high schoolers is divided into 18 lessons that examine alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs; emotional and behavioral health; infectious diseases; and conditions such as diabetes, eating disorders; and HIV and AIDS. Activities have learners investigate the role of the alcohol, tobacco, and drug cultures in their lives, strategies for dealing with related peer pressure, and the dangers of both the short term and long-term use of such products. As part of the study of bullying and cyberbullying, high schoolers read background information and develop suggestions for dealing with this form of abuse. They learn how to identify common signs of depression and suicidal thoughts and get help for themselves or their classmates. Class members also learn how to cope with colds, learn about asthma, food allergies, and healthy eating habits. After gathering information about Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs), including HIV and AIDS), high schoolers engage in two activities designed to educate themselves and others. The activities associated with each lesson are engaging and help students develop strategies to deal with various health problems.

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