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Stress: Grades 9-12

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Everyone feels stress from time to time, but how can you move past it? A seven-page packet of activities guides high schoolers through the process of recognizing and managing their stress. The resource includes discussion topics, a quick quiz, and writing prompts for writers to reflect on times when they have felt stress.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Use in a health class, language arts class, or peer-counseling group
  • Prompt kids to expand their reflections about stress into longer narrative essays
  • Bring the questions and activities into your classroom to inspire discussion
Classroom Considerations
  • Designed for high school students, but you could use the activities with mature middle schoolers
  • Some discussion topics may be sensitive; establish a classroom atmosphere where participants feel safe sharing their feelings and experiences
  • The writing section directs participants not to write their name on the paper, good for anonymity but tricky for grading
  • Well-organized and thoughtful
  • Provides links to articles for teens to read about bullies, text anxiety, sports pressure, and body image
  • Helpful for those who have a hard time discussing their feelings
  • None