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Volleyball Practice Plans & Drill Bank

For Teachers 6th - 12th
Enhance volleyball lessons or team practice with a collection of videos that showcase a 14 and under beach volleyball team from Canada. The Volleyball Canada Beach Volleyball Drill Bank Series clearly demonstrates how to perform drills...
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Atlantean Dodgeball

For Students 6th - 7th Standards
New ReviewDevelop ratios within sporting games. Class members watch a video about dodgeball and see how coaches compare the scores. Pupils then work with ratios to compare the scores throughout the tournament. Using their knowledge of ratios, they...
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Sports Word Work Literacy Pack

For Teachers 1st - 2nd Standards
Hockey, home runs, and helmets: your next sports-themed reading unit is here! Twelve tasks invite young readers to match unscramble sports words, create categories, count vowels and consonants, mark syllables, alphabetize words in the...
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Sports Physiology and Statistics

For Teachers 9th - 12th Standards
If I want to build up my heart, where should I start? Science scholars use statistics in a sports physiology setting during an insightful experiment. Groups measure resting and active heart rates and develop a scatter plot that shows the...
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Does Height Matter in Sports?

For Students 9th - Higher Ed Standards
Are all gymnasts short and all basketball players tall? The comparison of strength and height does benefit some sports. A sporty video as part of a larger series on physics introduces allometry and the application to sports and medicine. 
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What Happens When You Have a Concussion?

For Students 6th - 12th Standards
Ever had a concussion? Watch a video that explains the complicated dangers of concussions and how brain neurons are damaged during a concussion. Discover ways to heal the brain after a concussion and the long term effects of head trauma.
1 In 1 Collection
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Fun Fitness Activities For Kids

For Teachers K - 4th Standards
From shuttle run relays to ACTIVE Bingo, you'll be elated to have this PE resource packet in your tool belt for your next fitness lesson. After all, who wouldn't want to play a game called, "Elephants, Giraffes, and Palm Trees"?
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Activity Flashcards

For Students 1st - 8th
Use this set of flashcards with your English language learners. They will study the sports related vocabulary and learn the English terms. There are only 16 flashcards here (and many more sports), so consider having your learner make a...
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Turkey Touchdown

For Students K - 5th Standards
Touchdown! A Thanksgiving Day, football-themed learning game challenges mathematicians to answer addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division problems. After five correct answers, players aim and kick a field goal before the next...
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Ancient Roman Government: Whose Voice Counts?

For Teachers 6th - 8th Standards
The Roman Republic is the source of legends, but not everyone was entitled to the benefits of citizenship. Learners consider who counted in ancient Rome, and then apply that understanding to contemporary forms of government. Individuals...
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Fighting in Hockey

For Students 9th - 12th Standards
At best, fighting in hockey makes the sport more entertaining; at worst, fighting could lead to death. Pupils read background information about the prevalence of fighting in hockey since the 1917 formation of the National Hockey League....
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Drug Use in Sports

For Students 9th - 12th Standards
The ancient Greeks used performance enhancing drugs, such as opium juice, when they participated in the original Olympic Games. Pupils research a website with debate topics to decide if athletes' use of such drugs in modern sports is...
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Sports of All Sorts

For Teachers 1st - 3rd Standards
Do your students love sports? Do they love math and reading? If the first answer is yes and the second is no, a resource with sports-themed math and literacy games may change their minds! Learners move through stations to practice...
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Remembering Jackie Robinson

For Students 2nd - 6th Standards
A four-paragraph informational text details the life of the famous baseball player, Jackie Robinson. A prompt challenges scholars to write or discuss a time in their life when they were not included and how that made them feel. 
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Text-Based Writing

For Students 4th - 6th Standards
Young writers need to know how to use both informational and argumentative texts to craft a response. Two writing prompts, one on the life of Ella Fitzgerald and the other on the importance of balancing extracurricular activities and...
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Math in Fencing: Distance as a Variable

For Students 6th - 8th Standards
Out lunge the opponent. Fencing uses math in determining distances between opponents. An installment of the Math at the Core: Ratios series shows how to use variables to write an expression to show the distance a fencer must cover to...
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Jim Thorpe

For Students 8th - 12th Standards
Who was Jim Thorpe to American sports? The famous figure's life entertains learners while also engaging them in impressive facts about his career. Afterward, they answer multiple-choice questions, summarize the information they read, and...
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Give It All You’ve Got!: Challenge Activities (Theme 2)

For Teachers 5th Standards
Explore ways to make research and writing more interesting. The first in a series of three challenge activities designed to accompany Theme 2: Give It All You've Got involve creating sports cards, designing cereal boxes, and using other...
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Give It All You’ve Got!: Extra Support Lessons (Theme 2)

For Teachers 5th Standards
Understanding word parts can play a crucial role in understanding a word in the context of a larger text. A series of extra support resources designed to accompany Theme 2: Give It All You've Got offers activities related to grammar and...
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4-Square Volleyball

For Teachers 5th - 8th
Bump, set, spike! Play this twist of 4-square to practice volleyball skills. All you need is four squares connected in all the same corner, and four players. The goal of the game is to be able to get to the king's square by...
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How To Curve A Baseball Or Swing A Cricket Ball

For Students 9th - 12th Standards
Throwing a curve ball can make or break a sporting game, but what is the scientific process for throwing this way? The video explains the Magnus force, aerodynamics, and the axis of rotation, and relates the science to both baseball and...
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For Students 3rd Standards
Follow-up a physical science lesson with a reading passage that connects sports to force. Readers respond to six short answer questions that requires them to use the text as a basis for the answers.
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Sports for Social Change

For Teachers 9th - 12th Standards
After watching a short online film about a soccer player Nolusindiso Plaatje and his help with the Grassroot Soccer program, a community education effort aimed at spreading awareness about HIV/AIDS prevention, use a lesson plan to prompt...
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Star Wars® Dodge Ball

For Teachers 4th - 5th
Put a new, action-filled spin on a classic game with Star Wars® Dodge Ball. Scholars turn into Jedis and lightsabers are used to save peers from sitting on the sidelines, all the while a bombardment of balls fly towards moving targets.