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Balanced Assessment: Advanced High School Math Packet

Collector: Ann V.

Nineteen resources make up the Balanced Assessment: Advanced High School Math Packet designed to test learners' knowledge in Algebra II, Geometry, and Pre-Calculus classes. To demonstrate their understanding of concepts related to these courses, scholars apply estimation strategies to determine surface area in non-routine problems, solve problems involving chameleons that change color, and apply parity in various situations. They must also find three types of functions that are defined everywhere but not differentiable for all values of x. Other tasks challenge the class to devise a method to determine the dimensions of a rectangle inscribed in another rectangle, develop local rules and recursive rules for number sequences that are linear, quadratic, and cubic in nature. The challenges, like determining the maximum height of a thrown ball and the time it takes to hit the ground given its initial speed, are designed to engage high schoolers. Scholars must develop graphical representations, mathematical models, determine probability, and utilize volume formulas. Each assessment packet includes a solution and scoring rubric.

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