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From resources for the special education classroom to accommodations for mainstreamed students with special needs, explore Lesson Planet’s reviewed and rated teaching strategies, assessment tools, apps, lesson plans, videos, resource collections, and activities designed to make learning come alive across disciplines!

Whether new to special education or an experienced veteran, starting out the year can be difficult. Here is a model you could use when developing your own weeklong schedule. There are apps to help instructors write IEP goals and objectives for all kids in your caseload. Check out this video review of one such app.

Lesson Planet has resources, lessons, and apps designed for learners on the autism spectrum, sample lessons provided by an ADHD specialist, lessons for children with moderate disabilities and/or Down syndrome, and activities for other students with profound needs. The resources in our collection are designed to make your job just a little bit easier.

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Communication, Day 2: Assertiveness

For Teachers 9th - 12th
Having social skills and being able to assert yourself in a positive way is so important. High schoolers with mild to moderate disabilities engage in a series of activities to practice assertive communication and social skills. Perfect...
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Understanding the Body, Day 2: Puberty

For Teachers 9th - 12th
What is puberty? Get your secondary special needs high schoolers on the right track with this develpmentally appropriate lesson. They define and describe the differences between men, women, boys, and girls, discuss major events that mark...
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HIV/AIDS & Other STDs, Day 1: Germs & Risk

For Teachers 9th - 12th
Assist your secondary special education class for understanding risky behavior, hygiene, and STDs. The class discusses how germs spread, how people get sick, and what needs to be done to prevent the spread of communicable diseases. They...
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What Objects Sink and What Objects Float: Special Ed

For Teachers Pre-K - 3rd
Intended for use with children having severe and profound special educational needs, this resource brings practical science to life. In order to understand what objects float and what object sink, learners will predict and test their...
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Agenda/Minutes for Instructional Planning Meeting

For Teachers K - 12th
When it comes to the education of children with special needs, it's vital for there to be regular and open communication between all parties involved. This agenda nicely outlines key topics to discuss in weekly meetings including an...
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Historical Figure Picture Book

For Teachers 4th - 5th
Here is a really fun way to teach historical fiction and research at the same time.  The class researches the life of Annie Sullivan and then uses facts from her life to create a historical fiction where they are time travelers going...
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Life Journey Through Autism: An Educator’s Guide

For Teachers K - 8th
A clear, straightforward guide to autism is a great introduction to educational strategies and resources for educators and parents. With background information about autism, an explanation to educational approaches, resources for...
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Weekly Lesson Plan

For Teachers K - 6th
Attention, new special education teachers! Starting out the year is difficult, especially in your first year. Here is a wonderful weekly plan that was developed by an exceptionally organized special educator. The weeklong schedule...
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Skill Building with the Newspaper

For Teachers 5th - 12th Standards
Extra, extra, read all about it! Use a newspaper as the primary resource in a special education classroom to teach reading, writing, and math skills. The activities help class members build their reading skills as well as their knowledge...
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Adapted Physical Education

For Teachers Pre-K - 12th
Looking for information about how to adapt physical education for learners with special needs? Check out this packet that provides information about general adaptations, as well as appropriate approaches and activities for children with...
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Special Protections-Session Six

For Teachers 1st - Higher Ed
Parents and children work together in a community circle to discuss caring for people with special needs. In separate groups, the children sing and listen to a story. They discuss ways people are alike, and ways they are different....
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Capture the Treasure

For Teachers 1st - 12th
Did you ever play capture the flag? I did, and it was so much fun! Your learners with special needs, physical handicaps, or visual impairments can play a classic and highly engaging game with a few minor adaptations. The best part is,...
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Yes We Can! Students with Autism & Down-Syndrome on the Drums!

For Teachers 1st - 5th
To learn about various topics and improve their social skills, learners with special needs play along with music on drums and other sound objects. Teachers take digital pictures of the students participation and use them to make bulletin...
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Modified Golf

For Teachers 3rd - 12th
Golf is a popular game that is enjoyed around the world. Invite your pupils with visual impairments or blindness to putt a few balls or make a hole in one. This lesson provides several very good suggestions as to how you can teach an...
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Another Backpack Idea- The Button Bag

For Teachers Pre-K - K
Learners receive activity bags to bring home and share with their families. They are excited to have "homework" and they accomplish several skills by completing the activities within the bags. This is great for special needs students.
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Placemats on Trays

For Teachers 6th - 12th
Maybe the idea of putting placemats on trays doesn't sound that great, but it is, especially if you have a physical disability or are visually impaired. This task is one that can be used in a vocational setting and helps develop skills...
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Lesson 6: Mittens, Socks, Mittens, Socks, Mittens!

For Teachers K - 8th
Mittens and socks, two of my favorite clothing items!  Young learners with special needs, explore clothing appropriate for cold weather. They identify both socks and mittens, discuss weather appropriate clothing, and listen to the story,...
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Disability Research

For Students 4th - 12th Standards
Learners engage in a disability awareness assignment where they research and identify a particular disability, and answer such questions as how the disability might affect the way one learns or what services are available for support.
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For Students Pre-K - 6th
Here is a great app that has tons of potential in helping your child or student with severe to moderate autism, or other intellectual disability, learn words and concepts using research-based methods. Children with autism or PDD NOS have...
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Lesson Plans for Teaching Self-Determination

For Teachers 9th - 12th
How do we prepare kids, especially those with disabilities, for life after school, for the workplace, for independent living? This 96-page packet is loaded with self-assessment surveys, with skill builders, with information about rules,...
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Therapeutic Riding Volunteer

For Teachers 4th - 12th
For students who have a love of horses becoming a therapeutic riding volunteer may be a perfect fit. This short showcases how therapeutic riding helps both special needs students and horse lovers alike. Students will hear what they would...
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Special Ed. Resource

For Teachers 3rd - 4th
Ways to organize data is the focus of this math PowerPoint. Students view slides that define and give descriptions of a variety of graphs, and how mean, median, and mode are found. A good visual tool which should benefit almost all types...
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8th Grade Special Needs P.E. Project

For Teachers 8th
Eighth graders without a disability are encouraged to gain a new perspective about what it is like to have a physical disability. They experience various examples (blindfolding, soundproof ear protection, wheelchair, etc.) to begin to...
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Purchasing Items Using the Next Dollar Strategy

For Teachers 9th - Higher Ed
Drill and practice is the method of teaching for today. Special needs pupils practice rounding to the next dollar value when purchasing an item at the store. They are shown flash cards with a monetary value, they then have 3-5 seconds to...