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Here is a great app that has tons of potential in helping your child or student with severe to moderate autism, or other intellectual disability, learn words and concepts using research-based methods. Children with autism or PDD NOS have been known to respond well to repetitive or predictable stimuli such as that seen in ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis). This app uses classical conditioning by way of conditional stimulus and conditioned responses to support vocabulary and language development.  

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App Overview

The key components to this tool are the lessons, libraries, and community. You can select any one of these options to enhance or engage your child’s language development.


  • The app comes with six initial lessons that provide the opportunity for the child to learn his letters, colors, and names of animals and food items
  • For example: The child is presented with a block letter A, and is then prompted to point to the letter A
  • When the child touches the A, he is given immediate verbal praise as a positive reinforcer for choosing the correct answer. Because the child can only choose the one letter shown, he will immediately relate the letter A to the positive reinforcement.
  • The child is then shown the letter A and D, and is again prompted to select the letter A. If he chooses correctly, he is praised, reinforcing the behavior.
  • However, if he chooses incorrectly, the incorrect letter shakes and a harsh buzzing sound occurs. This action falls directly in line with classical condition/response theory and the behaviorist perspective.
  • The lesson become increasingly complex as it continues fostering visual discrimination and word recognition skills


  • There are extensive picture libraries to choose from
  • Each is either for sale for an additional $1.99, or for a yearly subscription cost of $19.99
  • Libraries include images that cover everything from colors and shapes, to emotions and independent living skills
  • The selection is literally endless and can be modified to increase difficulty from basic to intermediate to advanced


  • In addition to the wonderful library options available, for an additional fee, you can download any of the lessons that have been created by members of the community
  • Subscriptions to the community and to the additional libraries are the same:
    • $1.99 for one week
    • $4.99 for one month
    • $8.99 for three months
    • $14.99 for six months
    • $19.99 for a full year
  • These subscription prices are worth it! You will be able to access lessons that have been created by SLPs, parents of children with autism, and special educators.


  • Each lesson provides a lesson preview that shows exactly what the child will encounter throughout the duration of the lesson

  • Each lesson also provides an edit option where you can copy and alter any of the content as needed

  • The tool provides space for additional files as well as a score showing how many correct out of 10 the child answered, which is great for data collection

  • Free updates are available, as is access to the Brain Parade community

  • After downloading the library, new and unique lessons can be created to suit your child’s needs


  • Choose to show or not show text prompts

  • Choose to play or not play audio prompts

  • Choose to show or not show navigation controls

  • Automatically or manually advance to the next exercise

  • Choose correct, incorrect, and lesson-finished sounds

  • Choose to randomize or not randomize card location during each lesson

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Instructional Ideas
  • The tool can be used to fit any thematic unit or event
  • By creating your own lessons, you'll be able to preview vocabulary prior to a holiday, new skill introduction, or an event
  • You can establish a set of lessons based on an individual child’s goals
  • The tool can be set up and given to a paraprofessional to use during one-on-one instructional time
  • Lessons can be created that relate to stories or books which are being read in class
  • Dolch site words are included which can be used to increase a child’s sight word vocabulary and word recognition skills
Classroom Considerations

The app on its own only provides six lessons, which makes it short-lived. It only becomes a fully functional tool when a library or community purchase is made. 

  • Great tool and learning system

  • Fun real-life pictures

  • Intended to increase vocabulary and word recognition

  • Will help develop vital language skills

  • Easy to use and can provide access to 13,000 libraries and lessons

  • Incorporates research-based practices

  • Great for children with autism or PDD NOS

  • Vocabulary topics and options are endless


  • The initial version contains only six lessons

  • Additional lessons need to be purchased to access the full potential of the learning tool