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Balanced Assessment: Exemplar High School Packet

Collector: Ann V.
Reviewed by Lesson Planet

The Exemplar High School Balanced Packet is a collection of 19 assessment tasks designed to test scholars’ knowledge of Algebra 1 concepts. Learners create graphs that represent how things change over time, build functions to model specific graphic criteria, create a star from a square, then find the circumference and area. In addition, they answer questions about pie and bar graphs, find the dimensions of a larger marble in a glass of smaller ones, and calculate the number of ways a coach can make a batting lineup. Other assessments have pupils examine an assortment of triangles and create a definition and formula for determining the sharpness of the vertex angle, develop strategies to find lengths of common items like toilet paper rolls, create a formula for multiplying binomials, and determine how many ways they can arrange two six-hole Legos. The resources, which include a solution for each task, are designed to appeal to high schoolers.

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