Curriculum Set

Health Smart Virginia: 9th Grade Social Emotional Health

Collector: Ann V.

To begin the Social-Emotional Health series designed for high school freshmen, a seven-page packet of activity ideas, lesson plans, and information resources provides instructors with a wealth of materials to support teaching the concepts in a Health Smart unit. Presentations included in each resource summarize key concepts. Dynamic lessons teach young scholars how to shake off stress and cope with distress and stress with the help of stress management strategies and techniques. They identify their 10 major stressors and the support systems that they can call on when stressed. After learning about how the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems regulate stress, the three states of the stress response, and how stress impacts emotions, individuals develop a personal system for coping with stress. As the unit continues, students learn about the importance of networking and the positive and negative impacts of social networking. Groups investigate the symptoms of and risk factors associated with eight different disorders. Also included in the curriculum set is a series of assessment activities that allow scholars to reflect on what they have learned.

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