Effective Communication Skills

As part of a review of concepts taught in the Health Smart unit, individuals fill out a chart contrasting passive, assertive, and aggressive behaviors. They then practice their assertiveness skills by craft "I" messages and responses to several scenarios. The lesson ends with class members watching a TED Talk video about ways to better conversations.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Ask pupils to review materials they saved in the Health Smart binder they created at the beginning of the unit
  • Assign the comparison chart as homework and then build and post another one with class members contributing their ideas
  • Have viewers complete the TED Talk Response sheet linked in the Included Materials section of this review
Classroom Considerations
  • 15th resource in the Health Smart series
  • Requires copies of multiple worksheets
  • Pupils schedule a conversation with someone they know to practice their skills, then complete a reflection assessing their conversation skills
  • None