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CORE Math Performance Assessment Modules: Grade 7

Collector: Ann V.

Investigators plot the growth of animals from the fictional planet of Rhomaar over a period of time, then compare them to two other species. Another assessment challenges seventh graders to use their knowledge of positive and negative rational numbers to create a 3 X 3 magic square where the sums are one. By using their understanding of proportional relationships, pupils determine the seed sprout rate in a garden, determine the best unit cost for milk, and analyze aspect ratios of various sizes of photos. Other assessments in the set ask scholars to solve and explain the solving process of linear equations in one variable, to analyze the two pricing procedures through mathematical approaches, and to use set volume criteria to design a cereal box by applying their knowledge of the surface area to determine the cost to create the box. All assessments in the grade seven modules are aligned to both the Common Core State Standards and the SMARTER Balanced assessment specifications. They can be used as diagnostic pre-assessments, mid-instruction formative assessments, or mini- summative benchmark assessments.

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