More Testimonials

Using Lesson Planet, I have found many innovative ideas to combine in my workshop model lessons as differentiated activities.

Maureena M.
Brooklyn, NY
Lesson Planet helps me find resources that make my busy life much less stressful. The lessons are always relevant and provide differentiated methods.

La V.
Gainesville, GA
Lesson Planet has saved me valuable time, time that I use to work with my students.

Ruth F.
Warwick, NY
Lesson Planet has helped me immensely by providing me with a variety of lessons to choose from.

Trish K.
Grande Prairie, AB, Canada
I am a new teacher and do not have many resources to enhance my teaching. I would spend hours searching the web looking for ideas or trying to figure out how to implement the idea I had in my head into the classroom. Lesson Planet has become my one-stop "shop"! I do not need to go anywhere else to find what I need, whether it is a lesson plan idea, a project, graphic organizer, or worksheet. Lesson Planet has it all!!

Angelique B.
Queen Creek, AZ
Lesson Planet has been great. It's my one-stop resource when I need to find any kind of project or ideas to enhance student learning.

Nick S.
Pasadena, CA
I am a brand new teacher and have felt extremely overwhelmed at times coming up with great activities for my students. Lesson Planet has been a life saver and helped me get through the first few months with a little less stress!

Lexi T.
Helps me find great lessons i can use in my it...saves me so much work.

Vanessa O.
Jersey City, NJ
I am a first year teacher teaching 4 different subjects. Lesson Planet has helped me find some excellent ideas along with some very good work activites. Thank you for helping me keep my head above water!

Ed C.
Katy, TX
I am always looking for new ideas based upon the requirements and abilities of my ninth grade physical science and tenth grade biology student. I teach in an urban setting with less than needed funding for teachers. I have to be inventive as well as educate my students as best I can. Lesson Planet helps me find additional choices and provides variety.

Pamela P.
Southbury CT
Lesson Planet helps me find excellent lesson plans that really do work in the classroom. I recommend this web site to any teacher!

Josh G.
Needham, MA
Lesson Planet has saved me in times of crisis. Not to mention the worksheets and lessons I find are quality!

Talitha P.
Lake Charles, LA
I use Lesson Planet tons!!!! I find so many ideas to piggy back off of...

Serena J.
Toms River, NJ
Lesson Planet has taken the stress away of trying to come up with an interesting lesson that hooks the students. This is important for a rookie teacher.

Andrea M.
St. Leo, FL
Lesson Planet helps me find great ideas to use in the classroom with students and enhances the students learning experiences.

Lorna H.
Vineland, NJ
As a teacher of a new course in high school it is difficult without resources to have all the knowledge about a subject. Lesson Planet helps me find the resources to learn more about the subject matter.

Belinda R.
Timmins, ON Canada
I have saved hours of lesson planning by coming right here!

Leslie L.
Springfield, MA
Lesson Planet has helped me find appropriate and fun lesson ideas for my Student Teaching practicum.

Mary G.
LP has helped me find backup worksheets as a 1st year teacher. I also have found reading comprehension lessons as contingency and substitute plans.

Heather S.
New York, NY
I love it... I constantly refer back and forth to Lesson Planet.

Stacy D.
Fresno, TX
Lesson Planet has helped so much!

Rebecca U.
Bluffton, SC
This site is an invaluable resource for worksheets and lesson plans. Being a rookie teacher in my third year now, it gives a plethora of ideas to make learning meaningful for students.

Christina W.
Willingboro, NJ
I rely heavily on Lesson Planet for finding the resources I use to teach my two daughters at home. Although I am not qualified to teach, I am confident they are both progressing and enjoying the lessons. Being a mother and a teacher at the same time is the best job I have had. Thank you Lesson Planet!!

Dahlia C.
Lesson Planet helps me find creative lesson plans and is easy to follow website!!!!

Kristine M.
Monticello, FL
Lesson Planet is a great place to go for finding "ready to use" plans but also a place to gain ideas to springboard off of to create plans that meet specific class requirements.

Camelle K.
Lincoln, NE
I rely on Lesson Planet greatly for interventions in our Content Master Center. The ideas have been most helpful.

Susan E.
Bryant, AR
Lesson Planet has been a huge help since I was in college. I have been a member all 5 years of teaching and use a lesson that I find through the site almost weekly. It's helped bring out my creative ideas and turn it into a fun lesson for my class. Most web sites cater to general education but this is a staple in my special education class.

Kati C.
Rockaway Park, NY
Lesson Planet has been invaluable planning and finding resources to remediate or enrich my subjects. When I can't find just what I am looking for, I come to Lesson Planet, and it's there.

Susan L.
Sylvania, GA
Lesson Planet has helped me a great deal. finding relevant lessons and curriculum materials I can use right away.

Francisco C.
Chicago, IL
I have been able to find a lot of lesson plans that can be modified for my classes. Lesson Planet has really been helpful.

Cheryl O.
Bridgewater, MA

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