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Lesson Planet provides numerous examples of a similar topic to choose from.

Debra R.
Milwaukee, WI
Lesson Planet is helpful in providing me with ideas to prepare worksheets for my students.

Shari H.
Lesson Planet has helped me find information, ideas and activities to implement in my lessons.

Malky K.
Brooklyn, NY
Lesson Planet has helped me by giving me good ideas.

Antonio P.
Lesson Planet has saved me a lot of time.

Twanna W.
Charlotte, NC
Lesson Planet is awesome. I wish I had found this long ago.

Susan M.
Portsmouth, NH
Lesson Planet has helped me find new ideas to use when I will be student teaching.

Alyssa E.
Mayetta, KS
I have been able to find valuable resources and lesson plans for my classroom.

Samantha K.
North Jackson, OH
With Lesson Planet, I am able to find quality supplementary worksheets with just two or three easy steps! My friends love it, too.

S. N.
Brooklyn, NY
I've used lesson planet extensively and have enjoyed having plans at my fingertips.

Tony I.
American Fork, UT
I use Lesson Planet extensively in searching for just the right approach to teach the ideas and concepts that are my objectives. There is an application for every lesson here.

Kevin J.
Idaho Springs, CO
Lesson Planet has helped me find great new lesson ideas, especially for project based learning.

Kimberly K.
Moorpark, CA
Lesson Planet has helped tremendously by giving me a central location to find unique and creative ideas to teach a concept.

Dawn L.
Whenever I need a worksheet in a pinch to focus on a particular skill set, all I do is type in the key words, and there it is!

Ruth H.
Golden, CO
I am a special education teacher and this site has helped a lot to modify assignments to accommodate student needs.

Amber W.
Kirkland, WA
Lesson Planet helps me find fantastic ideas to spin off of and approach with my alternative education high school students. They can be difficult to motivate and sometimes when I'm just out of ideas- this site gives me just what I need to add to motivate them!

Colleen M.
Virginia Beach, VA
Lesson Planet helps me find a variety of lessons to use to motivate my students.

Stacey V.
Thibodaux, LA
Lesson Planet has been great. I am new health teacher with little experience thinking of lesson plans to write. This site has helped me find great ideas to use as well as made me think of new ideas to add on to the existing ones.

Brian B.
Port Matilda, PA
Lesson Planet gives me ideas that help me organize differentiated instruction. I can always count on finding a great new idea to give a twist to a concept that has become routine.

Teresa M.
Duluth, MN
Lesson Planet has opened up a whole new resource that has been teacher-tested and approved.

Bethann L.
Flourtown, PA
I am a new media specialist that was asked to also teach a law studies class. Lesson Planet has helped me to look beyond the textbook and design more interesting classes.

Marianne P.
Land O Lakes, FL
Lesson Planet has helped me have more variety in teaching strategies.

Marsha C.
Hagerhill, KY
Lesson Planet has helped me very much indeed. Easy-to-find lessons. Short preparation time. Students entertained while learning.

Frederic D.
Lesson Planet has saved me so much time in creating worksheets and developing lessons. It is a "life saver".

Joyce B.
Fitchburg, MA
Lesson Planet has not only provided me with lesson plan ideas but it also has given me the inspiration to create more inquiry-based lessons for my Biology students.

Johanna S.
Louisville, KY
I have been able to find lessons that support my state's standards and integrate them into the curriculum with ease.

Keith M.
Orting, WA
Lesson Planet is excellent for differentiation.

Adrian L.
Charlotte, NC
As a homeschool Mom, Lesson Planet has helped me find appropriate worksheets to complement my lessons, as well as given me ideas for new lessons.

Barbara F.
Macungie, PA
Lesson Planet has helped me with my pre-student teaching lesson plans as well as my student teaching plans.

Andrew G.
Sheboygan, WI
When I'm in a pinch and looking for something to supplement my curriculum, Lesson Planet always helps me find what I'm looking for. This website is packed full of reviews to amazing resources!

Lindsay B.
Spokane, WA

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