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It helps me find lesson plans at the tips of my fingers.

Lori L.
Pilot Mountain, NC
Lesson Planet saved my life during my student teaching. I don't know how I would have done it without this site.

Lukas P.
Bozeman, MT
I have just began my teaching career and Lesson Planet has really helped me along the way. It is a very beneficial tool I use when planning lessons, and I feel better in knowing I have it to rely on!

Lisa E.
Oak Ridge, TN
Lesson Planet has helped me find many good worksheets that complemented my lessons over the past year. I've also utilized some of the lessons with good results.

Jason M.
Lancaster, TX
As a teacher in training, this site has been a wealth of information. Creating many different lesson plans for a variety of modalities has been challenging. is always my first stop for ideas and resources.

Maria T.
Valrico, FL
Lesson Planet has helped me find new and interesting lesson plans to use with my students as well as my own children. I love lesson planet.

Anna M.
Hollywood, FL
Lesson Planet has helped me immensely with ideas when I am mind-blocked as well as for quick ideas last minute.

Kelly S.
Rochester, NH
I have found many helpful lesson plans for my students

Brooke D.
Nashville, TN
Lesson Planet has allowed me to have more creative lessons since our text books, due to budget cuts, do not align with the standards. Lesson Planet has made me a better teacher.

Sandy L.
Hill AFB, UT
It helps me find great supplemental material to add to my growing collection.

Nick V.
Feeding Hills, MA
I only recently joined Lesson Planet. I am going to NAU in Flagstaff, AZ, pursuing a degree in Elementary Education. Lesson Planet has great information that is truly appreciated by a student like me!

Sandy F.
Clarkdale, AZ
Lesson Planet helps me find ideas that work and I can change them so that they work for me. And the best part is I get to be creative without recreating the wheel. Love it!

Alex S.
Myrtle Beach, SC
Lesson Planet has helped me to prepare for my Science classes without reinventing the wheel. Some very creative lessons that certainly helps someone who has the content knowledge but has lacked the classroom experience. It has also helped me to better manage my classes.

William B.
Pawling, NY
I am a second year teacher in rural Nevada. There are no other science teachers for 70 miles and I have no mentor to guide me through curriculum. Lesson Planet has provided me with countless innovative ideas while saving me countless hours of searching and preparation.

Stacy H.
Goldfield, NV
I am currently working at a new school. They have minimal resources so Lesson Planet has been a life saver for good handouts and ideas.

Quandra M.
Austin, TX
Lesson Planet has been a great resource for worksheets and lesson planning!!

Lakshmi S.
Lesson Planet has been helpful for the intermediate adult ESL/ELL adult student.

James W.
Lindenhurst, NY
An excellent variety of lesson plans and printables.

Kristi C.
Cibolo, TX
I love the lesson plans, I can change them to fit my needs! Love this website!!!

Christiana E.
Ninety Six, SC
Lesson Planet has given me some creative ideas that I was able to adapt for my students.

Annika S.
Fairfield, CA
Lesson Planet has been an amazing tool to use. I love it!!

Terry N.
Hendersonville, TN
Love the worksheets and creative lesson plans.

Maria O.
Pittston, PA
Teaching sixth grade in elementary school is tough! Lesson Planet has helped so much with discovering a variety of lessons to teach a skill or concept. It's made teaching six subjects much easier!

Tara W.
Saint Joseph, MO
I love it! Prewritten reading comprehension that focuses on science topics is an awesome way to warm-up the class while integrating reading and science!

Sherri J.
College Station, TX
As a science teacher of gifted high school students, Lesson Planet has helped me to find upper level activities that most students don't see until college.

Angela W.
Denham Springs, LA
I have found lots of great plans and ideas to use in the classroom!

Julie S.
Tucson, AZ
Lesson Planet has helped me find numerous ideas for lesson improvement. It is uplifting to be able to share lesson resources with 1000's of teachers.

Todd N.
Ladysmith, WI
I've used Lesson Planet for 6 months and I love it!

Sheila W.
Kansas City, MO
Lesson Planet has been very beneficial as a new science teacher. There are so many creative ways for me to present new material that I am familiar with but often unsure as to how to engage my kids with!

Kimberly A.
Philadelphia, PA
Lesson Planet has helped with differentiated and leveled learning opportunities.

Cyndi T.
Campbell, TX

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