More Testimonials

Lesson Planet provides me a ton of options. I love it! Definitely worth my small yearly investment!

Sandy M.
Springfield, VA
I love the massive amounts and variety of lesson plans.

Matthew K.
New Albany, OH
Lesson Planet helps organize my daily or weekly lesson planning.

Dora G.
Santa Fe, TX
Lesson Planet saves a lot of time when I am searching for teaching ideas!

Barbara C.
Leesville, LA
Lesson Planet is a wonderful resource for finding and putting together fun and educational lessons!! It save me time and headaches!

Lisa B.
Loveland, CO
It makes my life as a teacher so much easier.

Shari L.
Lesson Planet offers links to an awesome number of lesson plans, all accessible from one location on the Web.

Julie A.
Elmhurst, IL
Lesson Planet is a quick and easy way to be energized with new and renewed ideas for my classroom. I find Lesson Planet an invaluable tool for every teacher.

Jan M.
Carrollton, TX
I encourage my students to use Lesson Planet for their lesson planning.

Cheryl I.
Xenia, OH
Lesson Planet allows me to piece together projects from a variety of lessons to create funfilled, challenging and informative lessons to meet the specific needs of my students.

Kathleen S.
Walden, NY
Lesson Planet really helps a lot and makes my work easier, more educational and fun.

Rowena G.
Bronx, NY
Lesson Planet is fantastic for bringing in new ideas and activities to make learning fun.

Diane L.
Edmonton, Canada
Lesson Planet has been amazing! Being able to cultivate ideas and see what some other teachers do and be able to share lessons with people worldwide-its perfect.

Aimee S.
Framingham, MA
Lesson Planet is a very valuable tool for any teacher who wish to bring creativity and variety to the classroom experience. There are so many fantastic lessons to choose from.

Beryl L.
Brooklyn, NY
I use Lesson Planet at least 3 times a week.

Marilyn D.
Madison, IN
Lesson Planet saves me time because all of the resources for the lessons are in one place and at my fingertips!

Diann R.
Glasgow, KY
I recently found Lesson Planet and I'm so excited by what you have to offer.

Susan M.
Napa, California

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