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Lesson Planet has given me direction and helped me to find practice pages quickly and easily.

Patrick W.
Ashland, VA
I've been using lesson planet this past year to develop my project for my master's degree in math education. Great service for the teachers!

John B.
Corpus Christi, TX
Recently we have implemented a program in our district which is compiled of high-powered methods for accelerating the English Language Development for our students. The resources are exactly what I need in order to get feedback from my students and know that I'm on the right track.

Elvia E.
Del Rio, TX
This is a valuable search engine that drastically cuts down on internet search efforts.

Maria D.
Reno, NV
This is a great resource, I always find a useful lesson or worksheet and often the lessons have terrific links to even more resources.

Lisa M.
New York, NY
Lesson Planet saves the day when I am struggling to think of a new and interesting way to engage my students.

Emily K.
Dayton, OH
I think this site invaluable. Sometimes, I spend way too much time here because I find so many lessons I want to use.

Jeanne S.
Silverdale, WA
This site has helped find incredible ideas to teach my students, I am thankful for all of the many teachers that put so much hard work into thier lessons and worksheets. Thanks

Shanna W.
Scranton, PA
Lesson Planet saves time and helps me find awesome lessons.

Terri B.
Cameron, MO
I am a homeschooling mother of two kids. I am enjoying the diversity LessonPlanet offers me in materials and worksheets since my kids are 5 years apart in age and grade level.

Leslie S.
Palmyra, NY
Lesson Planet helps me find great versatile lessons to meet everyone's needs.

Helen I.
Absecon, NJ
Lesson Planet has helped me find numerous resources to give my students different ways to learn. I love it.

Brian K.
Saint Louis, MO
Lesson Planet has helped me find lesson plans and ideas to enhance my GPS lessons.

Margie E.
Preston, GA
Lesson planet has been a great helper in preparing lesson plans and tests for my students.

Tammy M.
Manhasset, NY
Lesson Planet is a great place to search for ideas and engaging lessons.

Katrina M.
I often turn to lesson planet when I am having difficulty coming up with a creative way to present science content. I get a lot of great ideas from the database of lessons available. I have yet to search a topic and not find many quality lessons.

Colleen D.
Durango, CO
I love looking at creative ideas when I am needing something to jazz up my lessons.

Amy H.
Arlington, TN
Viewing these creative lesson plans helps inspire me and saves me a lot of time!

Lauren M.
Brighton, MA
Lesson Planet has helped tremendously. I have had lesson plans of any subject at my fingertips. It has saved hours and hours of my time.

Lanette S.
When I am having trouble coming up with my lessons or need some creative ideas I turn to lesson planet. It has helped me through difficult times when I have needed help.

Lauren W.
Hagerstown, MD
Lesson Planet has given me great ideas for 3rd grade science hands-on activities! I even got a note from one of my principals observing my class while I was using one of the lessons that I found through this website; she LOVED what I was doing and that the kids were excited and very involved.

Lori V.
Houston, TX
Lesson Planet is very helpful. I will tell others.

Nicole W.
West Palm Beach, FL
I discovered Lesson Planet while looking for information on natural resources to modified for my special needs students. The information was wonderful and has lead to many activities that I can modify and adapt to meet the needs of my students and help them understand.

Sarah M.
Leonardtown, MD
Lesson Planet has been very valuable lesson planning tool.

Pat W.
Aurora, IL
Lesson Planet has been useful in providing activities and lesson plans for students.

Geraldine P.
Hollandale, MS
Lesson Planet has helped me tremendously. I don't have to spend hours of time designing the right lesson plans for my students. Now I can search the website and find interesting and well designed plans for my students!

Nicole P.
Gurnee, IL
As a first year teacher Lesson Planet was an incrediable help. I could see what other teachers had done to give me ideas. The time guidelines, materials needed and resource information gave me guidance in structuring my own plans. Many of the plans are well laid out and were very usable, which was a great time saver.

Carolyn M.
Aiken, SC
Lesson Planet has been a tremendous help in locating extra resources at the right time.

Pamela J.
Lexington, MS
The variety, the grade level, and the quality of the different lessons has made it much easier to keep my students engaged in the lessons on a number of topics in both biology and chemistry at the high school level. Differentiated instruction is part of daily lesson planning - Lesson Planet has faciitated my ability to reach all of my students in these courses while maintaining rigor and relevance for all of the students, regardless of their learning style and abilities.

Susan C.
Islamorada, FL
Lesson Planet is amazing... I have found so many worksheets for my kids....

Nishakhat K.
Miami, FL

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