More Testimonials

Lesson Planet has been a great resource tool!

Cheryl A.
Lithonia, GA
Lesson Planet has helped me find many useful and exciting worksheets for my classroom!

Tara P.
I can have a clear idea of how to teach different topics and assess students using Lesson Planet.

Mariana R.
Jamaica, NY
Lesson Planet helps provides the students and me with a variety of lessons to meet goals and individual learning styles.

Deborah H.
Benton, LA
Lesson Planet helps me prepare or think about good ideas to incorporate in my classroom. It is a very informative and useful website.

Nina C.
Lakewood, CA
I rely on lesson planet for tips on how to get started.

Lydia A.
Cape Coral, FL
Lesson Planet has been of a great help and inspiration while preparing lesson plans and helped me find a rich supply for worksheets.

Elif B.
Port Richey, FL
Lesson Planet helps me find a rich and satisfying array of ideas that ultimately simplifies the stress of creating lessons from scratch.

Alban J.
Chicago, IL
Lesson Planet has given me new ideas and ways teacher to different students.

Patricia D.
Hope Mills, NC
Helped me to improve differentiated instruction in the classroom and added strategies to improve student learning.

Laura A.
Auburn Hills, MI
Lesson Planet has helped me tremendously for the last 2 years.

Benjamin W.
Clarksville, TN
Lesson Planet helps me to think of different ways to present material to engage students. It is easier to try new things when I do not always have the time to prepare many different lesson plans.

Elise S.
I have been able to find valuable worksheets pertaining to my lessons. I do not have to re invent the wheel :).

Venus S.
St. Louis, MO
Lesson Planet helps me find great ideas at my fingertips. It is user friendly.

Margaret B.
Lancaster, WI
Lesson Planet has made my life easier.

Tim H.
Ravenna, MI
Lesson Planet has helped me dramatically, giving me instant access to so many lessons, worksheets and rich ideas. It has helped me to continue to deliver high interest instruction to students with cross categorical special needs in high school inclusive settings, which is no simple matter. Due to the ease, quickness and richness of the materials on this site, my life as a first year teacher has been made infinitely better to say the least.

Ryan L.
Cincinnati, OH
Lesson Planet gives me great ideas for lessons or provides some activity ideas for plans I already have. I love that you can select the grade, subject, and what star rating level you would like to look at.

Shannon L.
Houston, TX
Lesson Planet gives me great ideas so i don't always have to reinvent the wheel. It's been working great for me so far!

Tara R.
Lafayette, NJ
Lesson Planet has helped with class prep.

Jonathan P.
Durham, NC
So far I have been able to organize my science units and be very focused and organized. The students have enjoyed the interactive on line pieces I am using and it is saving me time and energy.

Susan H.
Fitchburg, MA
Lesson Planet helps me find many resources that help with differentiated instruction for my ESE students.

Becky S.
Palm Bay, FL
Lesson Planet has made it much easier to do lesson plans. With more ideas I can be more up on current thoughts.

Deborah H.
West Farmington, OH
This is a very good website, lesson planet has helped me find many new and interesting ideas to present to the class room.

Phil T.
Long Valley, NJ
Lesson Planet has been wonderful. A one stop lesson plan shop.

Sara W.
Chicago, IL
When I'm struggling to find some inspiration I can always rely on Lesson Planet to find an interesting lesson plan or activity!

Peter M.
Los Angeles, CA
Sometimes the materials that the district provides are plain and boring or hard to understand. Lesson Planet has helped me find interesting lessons my students can relate to.

Traci P.
Lesson Planet has helped when I'm having an off day and I need a quick lesson idea.

Tonekia P.
Marietta, GA
I found many ideas for new lesson presentations. It is a great resource.

Tina M.
Estacada, OR
Lesson Planet helped me to tutor students in reading comprehension.

Justin S.
Penns Grove, NJ
I loved the different ideas shared; has really enhanced my teaching!

Patty S.
Eden Prairie, MN

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