Ready Player One

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Ready Player One has been praised as a novel that captures the vitality, the allure, and the essence of the virtual reality experience. Speakers in a short video share their rationale for why Ernest Clines' dystopian novel should be included in the Great American Read. 

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas
  • Have groups create videos urging class members to vote for their favorite novel to include in the Great American Read competition
  • For the more cyber-minded, ask them to produce a proposal for a video game of a favorite novel complete with avatars
  • Ask class members to chart the amount of time they spend online including time spent playing video games
Classroom Considerations
  • Science fiction fans and video gamers will most likely have seen the film
  • Speakers include Nicholas Horbaczewski, CEO of Drone Racing League
  • Includes discussion questions, a vocabulary list, and an activity