Instructional Video

14th Amendment with Eric Foner

The Civil War ended slavery, but what was the status of the newly freed people? Renowned historian Eric Foner explains how the Fourteenth Amendment—written to answer this question—created a foundation for the rights of all citizens. The amendment becomes what Foner considers the most important change outside the Bill of Rights. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Use the video before leading a discussion on the relevancy of the Fourteenth Amendment in twenty-first century America
  • Ask scholars to evaluate whether the Fourteenth Amendment was successful at resolving the problems of Reconstruction
Classroom Considerations
  • Part of a larger series of videos exploring the Constitution
  • The video explains the various sections of the Fourteenth Amendment in a way most learners understand
  • Discussion in the video includes connections to today's America
  • None