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The bell rings calling audience members to their seats. The house lights dim. Before a word is spoken, before an actor appears, the audience is drawn into a fantasy world that becomes real thanks to the work of the set designer. Sometimes stunning, sometimes spooky, sometimes awe-inspiring or fanciful. The set for a theatrical production provides the audience with a context for the drama they are about to experience.

There are many factors to consider when designing a set. Introduce the elements of set design with a lesson that asks theatre arts classes to analyze how designers put together various elements to craft a set that establishes the mood and tone for a play. Use a scavenger hunt to acquaint young set designers with a website filled with examples of maquettes and helpful information. Another lesson asks groups to investigate tech tools and apps that aid in set design. Or if you want your students to understand the entire process, check out this collection that details the design process from start to finish, from script analysis to play production.

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