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Lesson Planet helps me find new ways to engage my students in the learning process.

Pamela C.
Carson City, NV
Lesson Planet helps me find an available network of lesson plans on topics that are not generally covered in the textbook.

Tad J.
Ingleside, IL
Lesson Planet is a great resource when I need lesson plans on a particular topic or theme.

Gail S.
Hollywood, FL
Lesson Planet saves me time when I am in a crunch for ideas.

Linda P.
Ecorse, MI
Lesson Planet has helped me save a lot of time from trying to reinvent the wheel. It has also helped me find fun and creative ideas.

Andrea P.
Melbourne, Australia
Lesson Planet is ideal for our situation. It provides ideas that are appropriate for all levels, so we can pick and choose activities that will provide challenges in all subject areas.

Debi S.
Pittsford, NY
Lesson Planet provides helpful ideas and always allows for me to be more creative!

Julianne H.
Iowa Falls, IA
Being a Lesson Planet member helps me to find different lesson plans that I am using to help me finish up my degree as an early childhood teacher.

Mary B.
Murrayville, IL
I can find a wealth of resources when I plan new units.

Sue O.
Shreveport, LA
Lesson Planet helps me find many ideas to teach my students the basic content in a fun and exciting way.

Jerrie W.
Largo, FL
The Planet gives me great ideas for lesson plans and I can adapt them to my class. This gives me more time to teach and less prep.

Brad C.
Upland, CA
Lesson Planet helps me find countless useful and engaging lessons.

Dan B.
Cincinnati, OH
Lesson Planet helps me find lots of lessons that can be adapted to special needs children.

Sandra G.
Massillon, OH
It is fun and interesting to see new lessons, especially ones that I can redo to fit in with the Standards that I teach in Arizona.

Sandy F.
Mesa, AZ
Lesson Planet helps me tremendously when I need ideas, lessons or print outs!

Dalila M.
Carpentersville, IL
Lesson Planet helps me find quality lessons I need to prepare my students for state assessment tests.

Jamie G.
Groton, MA
I find great ideas via Lesson Planet - especially when I am 'stuck' and looking for something different to use.

Denae A.
Beeville, TX
Lesson Planet makes planning easier because I can search for lessons by topics and by grade levels.

Deborah H.
Montgomery, AL
Lesson Planet makes my work easier.

Kim J.
Philadelphia, PA
Being a first year teacher Lesson Planet has really helped in creating fun, hands on activities that really keep the students interest.

Sue S.
Peekskill, NY
Lesson Planet helps me by cutting down my search for great lesson plans. It takes me directly to the BEST lessons plans.

Tonya A.
Smithdale, MS
Lesson Planet allows me to implement tried and tested lessons, enables me to adapt my own ideas as well as giving me the confidence to try new/creative ideas that I may not have tried.

Gloria A.
London, England
This is an excellent site! I am so thrilled to be a part of it.

Pamela H.
Winston - Salem, NC
Lesson Planet is an incredible database for teachers of old and new.

Jordan G.
Golden, MS
Being a member of Lesson Planet really helps me to see what other teachers are doing in their classroom. The ideas found are helping our school to build a well-rounded curriculum.

Lindsay T.
Lesson Planet helps me a lot because I can find new ideas to development my lessons.

Elba V.
Bronx, NY
Lesson Planet is a lifesaver.

Bruno G.
Torornto, Canada
Lesson Planet is very helpful in organizing class material, lecture planning and providing new teaching ideas.

Theologos P.
Volos, Greece
It saves soooo much time!

Lisa J.
Sanborn, NY
I don't have to come up with everything from scratch. I can take a lesson found via Lesson Planet and tweak it to meet my individual needs.

Megan D.
Post Falls, ID

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Emmy Rodgers Filmed at the CUE Annual Conference 2011 in Palm Springs, CA
Emmy Rodgers
Filmed at the CUE Annual Conference 2011 in Palm Springs, CA

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