More Testimonials

I am a homeschool teacher and some of the ideas teachers have shared have been very helpful. I will continue to use this site. Thank you

Irisha G.
Albuquerque, NM
Lesson Planet has helped me save a lot of time and to use splendid resources that help my students understand the concepts easily.

Oommen G.
Pasadena, TX
I lean on this site with confidence. I enjoy the variety of learning styles that it covers as well as the differentiated teaching in so many of the ideas.

Terry P.
Clovis, NM
Lesson Planet allows me to think outside the box, through a network of teachers who care about education.

Stephanie E.
Lakeland, FL
Lesson Planet has a been a great jumping off point.

Emily H.
Houston, TX
Lesson Planet has helped me access lesson plans across the curriculum.

Barbara K.
Sugar Land, TX
Lesson Planet has helped me with differentiation and scaffolding of lessons.

Sara J.
Woodbridge, VA
Lesson Planet has given me new ideas in teaching science and is easy to apply and understand. Keep adding new stuff! I love it!

Jill B.
Costa Mesa, CA
I teach 8th grade career...which can get boring at times. Lesson planet helps me to make career and planning their future fun and creative. Thank you!

Ashli S.
Dayton, TX
Lesson Planet helps me find lessons for classes that I don't have books for.

Tammi B.
Arcadia, AK
Lesson Planet is an incredible resource to show me how other teachers can teach a concept. It gives me access to a wealth of grade appropirate information and has saved me countless hours.

Jeff P.
Port Orchard, WA
Lesson Planet has made my job as a teacher sooo much easier.

Janine L.
I am a homeschooling parent and I LOVE Lesson Planet. It has helped me in so many ways. It is a great network supplementing lessons and/or even doing an entire lesson plan. Many thumbs up and I WILL be renewing my membership. THANK YOU LESSON PLANET!

Sheila D.
La Fayette, NY
Lesson Planet is a beneficial website for all teachers.

Ashley S.
Auburn, AL
The numberous ideas and plans I have found have helped me integrate all of my students. They enjoy them and are more involved.

Diane W.
Lexington, KY
The worksheets I find are great and the lesson plans keep me on track and organized.

Heather F.
Saint Johnsbury, VT
I am a special education teacher teaching non-diploma bound students. I love finding different ways to teach lessons, especially when I am stumped!

Bobbi Y.
Frederick, MD
When I have a creative idea for a lesson or a center, I don't want to spend time creating diagrams or other documents that already exist. Lesson Planet helps me find resources that are professional in appearance and save me time.

Eldene B.
Greeley, CO
I was an intern last year. I didn't always have the time to look at the files of other teachers at 10pm at night. LessonPlanet saved me so many times I've lost count. I would look all over other websites for quality lesson plans and, no surprise, I always ended up here.

Britany G.
Provo, Utah
Lesson Planet has helped me find great ideas for all my students, and made planning lessons a breeze!

Sara S.
Beverly Hills, CA
Lesson Planet makes lesson plan researching faster so I have more time to myself.

Erin M.
Chicago Heights, IL
Lesson Planet has helped me tremendously! It is a helpful tool for creating lessons.

Pamela H.
New York, NY
I have been able to improve my state PSSA scores, because Lesson Planet helps me find SO many lessons/worksheets that I have been able to utilize to support and give extra practice toward. Thank you Lesson Planet!

Arlene K.
East Stroudsburg, PA
Lesson Planet helps me find a great variety of resources at my finger tips!

Richard J.
Lesson Planet is the best way to find quick and easy lesson plans in minutes...or great activities, worksheets, or projects to support your plans.

Nathan W.
Arlington Heights, IL
Lesson Planet helps me to find quality lessons fast.

Lori H.
Uniontown, OH
Lesson Planet helps me find excellent resources that can be utilized in my Careers Class.

Consuella J.
Austin, TX
Lesson Planet has a great database of ideas and makes it easy to find strong lesson plans that make teaching fun again.

Willow H.
Benson, AZ
What I like about this website are the numerous worksheets that are available. So far I have not come across any difficulties when working with this site.

Henry M.
Goodyear, AZ
Lesson Planet helps me as a jumping off point for ideas.

T.michael C.
Sacramento, CA

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