More Testimonials

I teach the gifted program in our school and there is no curriculum to use. The lessons I find through Lesson Planet have helped me create and add to units I have started.

Jamie C.
Concord, GA
Lesson Planet has helped me greatly, I have used many of the lessons. My students love them, thanks

Idalia S.
Bronx, NY
Lesson planet has helped to save my life many times!!...finding lesson plans, activities, worksheets, and so much more! Thank you!!

Marissa C.
Chicago, IL
Lesson Planet has given me ideas in regards to classroom activities. It has helped me with assessing my students.

Stepahnie P.
Oceanside, NY
Lesson Planet has helped give me fun and different views on my lessons and activities!

Michelle P.
Bradyville, TN
Lesson Planet has been helping me a lot in every aspect. Thank you very much!

Nela C.
Brooklyn, NY
Even though I don't use the lesson plans as they are exactly, the plans that I find through this site get me started. As a new teacher, this is very helpful!

Jaime E.
McMinnville, TN
Lesson Planet has been great. I can get so many more ideas.

Sheryl H.
Scotia, NE
Lesson Planet offers access to so many lessons which saves me a great deal of time on planning.

Jamie M.
Kosciusko, MS
Lesson plans are so much easier to write with all the ideas I get from Lesson Planet. As a student teacher I really appreciate the ideas and experience I can get from other teachers.

Jesenia R.
Lakeland, FL
Lesson Planet has helped with creativity for higher order thinking skills.

Kristinn H.
Orange, TX
I teach gifted students, and need to enrich the basic curriculum to meet their unique needs. Lesson Planet helps me find tons of good plans and worksheets that help me go beyond the basics.

Patricia H.
Dade City, FL
Lesson Planet is to me the best on the world wide web. It has helped me in every way as a teacher.

Max C.
Brooklyn, NY
Lesson Planet helps me find some wonderful lessons and units that help me to develop cross curriculum activities.

Flora J.
Bassfield, MS
Lesson Planet has been a great resource! It has saved me hours of prep time without affecting the quality of my instruction.

Scott D.
Farmington, MO
I have enjoyed perusing through the lesson plans and worksheets. There are so many to look at. Some even have keys to them, which is a nice time saver.

Brian R.
Richmond, VA
As an ESL teacher, I find a lot of great ideas and useful materials from this site. I can probably spend hours just going over lesson plans and materials.

Ana H.
Lesson Planet inspires my creativity.

Erin P.
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Lesson Planet helps me find good materials to support our books.

Matt D.
Plattsburgh, NY
I have used lesson planet while I student teach to help me create standards based lessons.

Alexa D.
Ewa Beach, HI
Lesson Planet helps me to organize my thoughts, as well as find new idea's and exciting lessons!

Maggie H.
Chicago, IL
So far the web site has been very helpful!!

Lindsay C.
Oswego, NY
Lesson Planet has been a wonderful tool.

Earl N.
Arnold, MO
Lesson Planet has helped provide the necessary resources needed for my classes.

Ariel B.
Ridgeland, MS
Lesson Planet helps me find great resources so I'm not re-inventing the wheel. It's like collaborating with a large group of peers.

Carolyn D.
Dayton, OH
I can find great ideas that help me teach music in a different way with my students.

Anita H.
Rockford, MI
Lesson Planet has helped me plan out my lessons by giving me ideas and I have found some great new ideas.

Cheryl K.
Myersville, MD
Lesson Planet has helped me come up with interesting lessons that keep the students engaged and interested in learning.

Darlene W.
Grafton, MA
I am just a "newbie" in the Lesson Planet club. However, having access to information in a moments notice is awesome because I know that regardless of what I am teaching for that day and I need something quick to add to the lesson, or if I am designing a long term unit and need ideas to stimulate and challenge my students, I know that Lesson Planet will be there with many useful suggestions...I love being a member!

Kitty W.
Warsaw, KY
Lesson Planet is an excellent resource!

Susan S.
Hiram, GA

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