More Testimonials

Lesson Planet has helped me a lot in many different ways.

Srikanth B.
Lesson Planet has helped me find proper lesson plans and great ideas to enhance the opportunity for learning in a fun manner.

Virginia D.
Buena Park, CA
Lesson Planet has helped me to enhance the lessons that I prepare and teach my students.

Timi M.
Grand Junction, CO
The activities and lessons have helped me to reach the students with material they can quickly relate to; extremely helpful.

Darlene M.
Clementon, NJ
Lesson Planet has assisted me in finding differentiated instruction for my students.

Tarique M.
Memphis, TN
Enriching Lessons = Engaged Students!!!

Yazmin B.
Chula Vista, CA
Lesson Planet has provided my programming with inspirational ideas and has allowed my students to further engage in their learning.

Julie E.
Whenever I'm stuck on thinking of new ways to present material I know I can go to Lesson Planet and either find the perfect lesson or find something that I can elaborate on.

Ellen B.
Peachtree City, GA
Lesson Planet is almost like having another teacher to collaborate with as I plan my lessons. It's great.

Andrea C.
Katy, TX
Lesson Planet has helped me while servicing students as a homebound teacher when I did not have materials, the state standards have helped me teach what the students need.

Anna B.
Memphis, TN
I love using Lesson Planet to add to and modify my existing plans and to get ideas for cross subject integration.

Chadrenne B.
Owings Mills, MD
Lesson Planet helps me be aware of other types of assessment opportunities and creative ways to explore our state standards. I enjoy seeing what other teachers have created or used with their students.

Tanya V.
Oviedo, FL
Lesson Planet has been a reliable way to quickly prepare resources for sharing at team meetings. It has given me great confidence in my first year of teaching.

Clinton L.
Lesson Planet has been a go-to source for just about everything from activity ideas to assignments.

Michele M.
Dodge City, KS
Lesson Planet has helped me generate, adapt and give me ideas for lesson plans to teach my students. Thanks!

Paul W.
Cos Cob, CT
Lesson Planet has streamlined the process of lesson planning by helping me find good lessons I can slightly modify or use as is.

Al J.
Chicago, IL
With Lesson Planet I have been able to find fabulous ideas to help me with my lesson planning.

Dawneen Z.
Charleston AFB, SC
Lesson Planet helps me find great resources that are readily available. The reviews help teachers find good lessons quickly.

Kathryn H.
Lesson Planet is a great resource for finding a lot of lesson plans.

Lisa N.
Omaha, NE
Lesson Planet helps me HEAPS!!! It is awesome.

James D.
Queensland, Australia
LP has given me ideas for lessons, and worksheets, so that when I'm under the pump I have some great lessons to fall back on. While sorting through the lessons/worksheets can take a while, its worth it to have the extra supplementary handouts/activities for when you run out of ideas of your own. It helps you not need to reinvent the wheel each week!

Jacqui E.
Lesson Planet helps me in many ways. I'm an ESL teacher in Puerto Rico and Lesson Planet gives me a large variety of lessons that I can choose from to improve the learning process.

Nancy P.
Aguada, PR
Lesson Planet has improved my knowledge of other peoples pedagogy and allowed me to create fantastic lessons that are adaptable to any student.

Shane G.
With Lesson Planet I have saved time and gained more confidence in teaching.

Wendy B.
Slovan, PA
Lesson Planet helps make my work faster and better.

Rebecca L.
Baltimore, MD
I like to get ideas from other teachers on Lesson Planet. I almost never use an entire lesson plan because my goals are generally different, but it's a great place for ideas. I ask other teachers to use it for differentiating ideas for their content classes.

Hollie L.
Using Lesson Planet has really helped me as a first year teacher. There were times when I needed an activity that fit the area being taught, and through Lesson Planet I was able to find them and modify the lessons to fit my needs. Lesson Planet has been a wonderful resource for me, and I plan to continue using it for a long time.

Jennifer J.
Saint Petersburg, FL
Lesson Planet has been very helpful.

Sevara C.
Chicago, IL
Lesson Planet is amazing!

Lauren S.
Dunsborough, Australia
Lesson Planet helps me to expand and use new ideas with my teaching.

Michelle G.
Sparks, NV

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