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Lesson Planet made it very easy to find ideas for lessons.

Robert R.
San Diego, CA
Lesson Planet helps me find lots of worksheets and useful lesson plans to pull from.

Erin N.
Elmhurst, IL
Lesson Planet has helped me find quick ideas and VERY good worksheets when I haven't been too familiar with the material or needed extra reteaching activities.

Charmaine P.
Houston, TX
Lesson Planet helps me locate great ideas on so many different topics.

Tara B.
Muncy, PA
Lesson Planet is giving me a platform for my lessons.

Teresalyn V.
Kerrville, TX
I have taught for 18 years and have used Lesson Planet many times when I have had a dry spell with creativity. I have used lesson plans in spelling, reading, and beginning of the year ideas. This is the first time I have ever paid for a professional service, and I plan to renew my subscription. Thank you for this resource.

Aubra L.
Townsend, MT
Lesson Planet makes it easy to find lessons. It's great.

Lisa S.
Grover Beach, CA
Lesson Planet has enabled me to quickly find the resources I need to expand the learning experience for my students. I teach 4th grade, all-inclusive, and find this age group loves novel studies. They are able to go much further in their understandings and abilities to share their own experiences. On Lesson Planet I have been able to find lessons to engage my students more fully in the literature experience.

Donna B.
Biloxi, MS
Lesson Planet has helped me tremendously. I teach in a LD self-contained classroom and the resources I find here really provide that extra something my students need. The lessons are motivating and the students really get involved.

Lettie R.
I learn from the lessons that Lesson Planet helps me find! There are always ideas and lessons that inspire my teaching. I work with second chance learners at a charter high school. I am starting my sixth year of teaching at this level. I am a poet and writer currently working on my second novel for young adults.

Rhea D.
Houston, TX
Lesson Planet has helped me find new approaches to a physics concept that I am teaching. It saves me the time of preparing worksheets. Lesson Planet also has reviews to guide my choices, and appropriate class levels are listed for each worksheet. Who could ask for anything more?, as Gershwin wrote.

Sandra I.
Chicago, IL
Lesson Planet has helped me come up with ideas to engage my students. I don't always use the lessons posted, but rather modify the lessons to suit my needs or students needs.

Mark B.
Lesson Planet has helped me find wonderful lesson plans and other resources that help me in the classroom. It helps me save time by not searching over the internet for hours looking for activities!

Sandee H.
Cleveland, MS
Lesson Planet has given me ideas to build on as well as bailed me out of last minute problems.

Jesse S.
San Francisco, CA
Lesson Planet has rejuvenated my lessons and given me inspiration. I have used it to help make a potentially dull lesson more fun and interesting.

Donna W.
Lesson Planet has given me a lot of resources and ideas to improve my teaching.

Alida H.
Indianapolis, IN
I am a middle school special ed teacher teaching all four core subjects and having to modify curriculum to suit my students. Being able to look for lesson plans on a particular topic but on a lower grade level is a great help for me.

Jayne D.
Norman, OK
Lesson Planet has provided me with endless amounts of resources.

Ashley C.
Las Vegas, NV
Lesson Planet has given me the opportunity to present to my students a range of very interesting homework assignment which has led to great class discussion.

Sadibou S.
Bronx, NY
As a new teacher, Lesson Planet was my best resource for creating lesson plans that helped my kids master the required objectives. My first year would not have been as successful without it.

Tracey R.
Hattiesburg, MS
Lesson Planet has been an inspiration for lessons as well as helping me find some fantastic full lesson plans for all my high school math and science classes.

Sam C.
Lesson Planet helps me find lesson plans that fulfill a wide range of needs for the classroom. No need to re-invent the wheel when so many wonderful teachers have provided lesson plans that have worked for them. The great thing about having so many lessons too choose from is that if something does not work for a particular group of students an educator can find another lesson as a backup plan fast.

Wendy C.
Athens, MI
I've used Lesson Planet almost everyday this summer in my Geography and World History classes.

Peter V.
Arlington, VA
I have found phenomenal lessons and a large selection for varying grade levels. I've used numerous activities to enrich and extend my current lessons.

Sally G.
Austin, TX
I have used many of the lesson ideas found through this site. I love the search options and the multiple choices I have to pick from.

Rachel L.
Phoenix, AZ
Lesson Planet helps me find valuable lessons that are easily accessed.

Susan D.
Stockton, CA
Lesson Planet has helped me greatly because I can save time. Its hard when you coach so using Lesson Planet has been a life-saver.

Bryant T.
Holly Springs, MS
Awesome resources and ideas.

Sara M.
Lesson Planet got me through the year. I was able to download lessons from multiple sources and then choose the one that was a best fit for my classroom. I was also able to use it as a source for differentiated homework for my students.

Carolyn B.
Chicago, IL
Lesson Planet has helped me find some very good activities to use with all ages.

Vickie W.
North Platte, NE

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