Lesson Plan

My Life—My Mental Health

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Between peer pressure, an onslaught of hormones, and brand new responsibilities, the teenage years can be emotionally volatile. Equip young adults with coping mechanisms and a safe place to discuss their feelings with a guided lesson about mental health, depression, and the warning signs for suicidal behavior.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Include in an orientation session when training peer counselors
  • Encourage class members to keep a journal that you will not read if they don't want you to, but will only check for completion
  • Project the concept map on the board to engage the class in discussion
  • Provide a box where learners can leave anonymous notes about themselves or friends who may be need help
Classroom Considerations
  • Most references are for Canadian resources; replace with local outreach resources if you are not teaching in Canada
  • Part of a longer unit on teen health
  • Requires the student booklet designed for the course, which is attached
  • Focuses on issues that all teens are dealing with, but very few are willing to openly discuss
  • Offers different ways to implement the concept map during instruction
  • None