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Can I Keep Violence out of My Life?

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Many teenagers in your class have not experienced violence in their lives, much less as a daily occurance. But some pupils are not so lucky. Bring hope to your class that violence is not an inevitable part of life, and that they can protect themselves from violent encounters, with a series of lessons on neighborhood violence, domestic violence, and sexual violence.

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CCSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas
  • Encourage members of a peer counseling or mediation group to review the activities before talking with classmates
  • Incorporate into a teen issues discussion or health class when talking about personal safety

Classroom Considerations
  • Scenarios in the sexual abuse activity involve intense subject matter and may trigger strong feelings in your class; be sure that students can discuss serious topics in a mature manner
  • Covers aspects of violence in many different contexts
  • Provides an empowering voice to those who may feel helpless in their lives
  • While the resource address important ways to protect oneself from sexual violence, it does not discuss the concept of consent in a clear way