Martin Luther King Reading Comprehension

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Boost reading comprehension with an interactive website featuring an informational passage about Martin Luther King Jr. Scholars read, or listen to, several paragraphs detailing MLK's life in order to answer seven multiple choice questions. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Assign the activity for homework, go over learners' new-found-knowledge when they return to school the next day 
  • Direct pupils to keep track of their score, use that number as a quick determination of comprehension 
  • Review answers as a class, discuss the information presented and address challenging questions by pointing out where in the text details reside 
Classroom Considerations
  • Have headphones available if learners listen to the passage at different times 
  • Black History Month takes place during the month of February
  • Answer choices can be chosen until the correct one is found 
  • The text can be read or listened to and is accompanied by highlighted text to make following along easier
  • The reader sounds robotic