Writing About Informational Text: Music and the Brain

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Even if you've never picked up a musical instrument, chances are that music has directly impacted your mental and emotional development. Sixth graders engage in a reading activity in which they read two articles on the impact of music on the brain, compare and contrast the main ideas and supporting details in each, and complete a writing assignment on what they have read.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas
  • Conduct an in-class experiment in which class members attempt to complete a task with different types of music playing in the background
  • Couple with a humanities lesson in music appreciation, or use in a school music class
  • Have class members write a short reflection on their own musical lives, including famous musical heroes and their experience playing instruments or singing, before beginning the lesson
  • Use as a final exam to assess informational reading skills
Classroom Considerations
  • The third page of the booklet is an advertisement for the rest of the publisher's curriculum
  • Student version ends on page 15 of the packet, which is page 18 of the PDF
  • Be sure to clarify the difference between incorporating evidence from the text and plagiarizing work, as the resource does not make it clear
  • Includes rubrics, possible responses, and discussion guides for teachers 
  • Covers a multitude of writing, reading, and speaking and listening skills
  • None