New York Times Reading Log

Curated and Reviewed by Lesson Planet

Inspire your pupils to read the news and make connections between articles and another text, event, or experience with a straightforward reading log. Learners note down the article information at the top of the worksheet and then respond to three short-answer questions about their reading.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Require your pupils to read several New York Times articles each month as part of their free reading requirement and record their responses on this log
  • Use this with articles that you read in class as the first step of analysis
  • Provide several of these logs for pupils as they begin researching for a particular project; they can check back on their logs and choose the ones that best fit their purpose for a deeper analysis and quotes to use
Classroom Considerations
  • While this is designed for reading New York Times articles, it could be used with any news article or short informational text
  • The PDF is editable so that learners can either type in their responses or print out the page and write on the page if desired
  • Useful as part of an independent reading requirement or as a support for other projects and informational text assignments
  • None