Maltese Cross Cabin

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The Maltese Cross Cabin, a frontier residence of Theodore Roosevelt, is a time capsule that commemorates Roosevelt's time in the Dakota territory. An explanatory video and response guide takes students on a virtual tour of the wooden cabin, as well as the artifacts left inside that fill out the character of the 26th American president.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas
  • Show the video in the context of a longer lesson on Theodore Roosevelt
  • Have class members take notes as they watch, ready to fill out the response sheet afterward as an exit ticket or homework assignment
  • Use in preparation for Earth Day, and when discussing conservation efforts in American history
  • Prompt class members to write a letter to Theodore Roosevelt that thanks him for his strides in conservationism, and to alert him to the environmental needs of the planet today
Classroom Considerations
  • Video is 15 minutes long; consider stretching the viewing over a class period and pausing periodically for discussion and note-taking
  • Have learners answer the questions on another sheet of paper so they have enough room for their responses
  • Aligned to Common Core standards, though only state standards are designated on the lesson plan
  • Video is attached
  • Provides a vocabulary extension lesson
  • Focuses on a period of Roosevelt's life that is less well-known than his presidency, but no less important
  • Includes an answer key for the video response worksheet
  • None