Grade 12 ELA Module 2

The second module in a series for high school seniors focuses on tracking the central idea of a text across genres, and from multiple author and character perspectives. Twelfth graders read a speech by Benazir Bhutto entitled "Ideas Live On," in which Bhutto details the social and economic issues plaging modern-day Pakistan. After comparing the messages and main ideas of the speech to Henry David Thoreau's "Civil Disobedience," they write a response to Thoreau's call for "a bigger government." In the second unit of the module, classmates continue following the themes of effective government and tyrannical leaders with William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar, and complete two formal writing assessments about Caesar's death and an evaluation of the play as a tragedy.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas
  • Use all 42 lessons in your class as a complete unit, or choose the activities that are most relevant to your curriculum
  • Find current event articles about modern dictatorships to compare to the perspectives and characters in the literature
  • Incorporate into a unit on transcendentalism or democratic values
  • Bridge the unit between social studies and language arts to cover the specific concepts for each discipline
Classroom Considerations
  • You'll find links to the first two texts on page 10 of the overview
  • At 629 pages and 41 lessons, the resource can be difficult to navigate; use your computer's search function to find key terms or concepts that you want to cover
  • Each lesson has the same format (discussion questions, Quick Write, homework), which might become tedious for learners 
  • Promotes the skill of comparing central ideas between texts and across genres
  • Discussion questions prompt engaging conversation between peers
  • Assessments consist of thought-provoking writing prompts, which require preparation and evidence collection
  • Provides all necessary graphic organizers, logs, and worksheets, both in blank and completed forms
  • None