Goal Chart

Encourage your pupils to set and meet goals by incorporating regular goal setting sessions. They can fill out this chart, which provides space for writing in six goals, dates by which learners would like to achieve these goals, a checkbox to mark off when the goal has been met, and a final column for notes on progress.

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Instructional Ideas
  • For younger students, you or a parent volunteer might write in the goals for kids and help them keep track of their progress
  • Work with the special education teacher to determine effective goals if one or more of his or her students are members of your class
  • Check in regularly on the goals and start a new chart whenever necessary
  • Pair this with a lesson on effective goal writing to make sure kids write down goals that are specific, and have them brainstorm several manageable steps they can take to reach each goal
Classroom Considerations
  • The PDF is editable, and you can type in the goals, dates, and notes; however, you can't check off the checkboxes
  • See the materials for two additional goal charts in slightly different formats (both editable PDFs) as well as a list of suggested goals
  • You can use the sheet for any type of goals, whether they are academic, social, personal, or other
  • None