My Goals for the Year

This My Goals for the Year writing also includes:

Set up your learners for success by requiring them to write goals at the beginning of the year. Pupils fill out their goals for math, reading, handwriting, science, social studies, and writing as well as goals for friend and family relationships on these pages.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Make packets out of these pages so that kids can keep all their goals together
  • Invite pupils to review these goals halfway through the year to see how far they've come and make any adjustments
  • Spend some time going over how to write specific goals with your class before having them fill out their goals
Classroom Considerations
  • See the materials for another goal template that uses the graphic of a football instead of pencils
  • Includes both academic subjects as well as personal goals
  • Encourages kids to make goals specific to each subject, rather than the general goal of getting good grades
  • None