Goal Tracker Booklet

This Goal Tracker Booklet handout & reference also includes:

Turn your class into a group of self-motivated learners with this goal setting resource. Children will take ownership over their own education as they set goals for themselves and reflect on their progress, creating a record of growth from the beginning of the year to the end.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Have students create goals for each subject area
  • Encourage children to set personal/social as well as academic goals
  • Take time at the end of every week for students to write about their progress
  • Every month have children develop a new set of goals
  • Present the goal setting booklets to parents during conferences
Classroom Considerations
  • With younger learners, assemble the booklets for them with the help of a classroom aide or parent/student volunteer
  • Includes a poster to display in the classroom as a goal setting reminder
  • Template includes a cover page and list of instructions for using the goal setting booklet
  • Direction are included for assembling the goal tracker booklets
  • None