Help Your Kids Set Goals

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Set young scholars on the path to success with this collection of goal setting worksheets. Offering support with setting and achieving personal and academic goals, this resource is a great way for elementary school teachers to help their students develop this essential life skill.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Create goals as a whole class to model for children the goal setting process
  • Have students draw pictures, cut out magazine photos, or find pictures on the Internet to help them visualize the goals they set
  • Send these materials home with students at the beginning of the year, helping parents to support their children with setting goals
  • Take time to for students to periodically assess the progress they have made toward achieving their goals, allowing them to make changes to their goals if necessary
  • Includes colorful documents that engage children in creating goals
  • Resource offers teachers and parents tips for supporting children with setting and achieving goals
  • A graphic organizer is provided that helps kids create a plan for achieving their goals
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