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Practical Money Skills: Banking Services

For Teachers 9th - 12th Standards
Provide high schoolers with personal finance skills that they can take to the bank! A set of lessons incorporate consumer math and practical economic skills to teach learners about the best ways to build their credit scores.
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Many Ways to Do Addition

For Teachers Pre-K - 1st Standards
A great aspect of teaching math is that children have the freedom to solve problems using a variety of different strategies. The focus of this lesson is for young mathematicians to become aware of many ways of answering addition...
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Math Academy Dining Out!

For Teachers 3rd - 8th Standards
Reinforce fractions skills with a dining out themed unit consisting of four fraction lesson plans, a quiz, and student and teacher surveys. Through activities and learning games, scholars use fractions and percents to order food, count...
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Mega-Fun Fractions

For Teachers 3rd - 4th Standards
Creative and fun lessons help kids get some hands-on experience with fractions. The resource includes 50 innovative ways to teach kids about equivalent fractions, adding and subtracting fractions, using fractions in money math and...
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Convert Any Fraction to a Decimal

For Students 3rd - 6th Standards
Find another way to write a fraction. Using long division, the video shows how to convert a fraction into a decimal. Learners use their knowledge of fractions to then set up the division problem. 
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Using M & M's to Teach Math

For Teachers 1st - 5th
Mmm, M & M's! Learners of all ages will love this tasty lesson! Use this popular treat to explore percentages, proportions, and probability! Then, after you graph your results, enjoy a delicious treat; you've earned it! 
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Exploring Genetics Across the Middle School Science and Math Curricula

For Students 6th - 8th Standards
Where is a geneticist's favorite place to swim? A gene pool. Young geneticists complete hands-on activities, experiments, and real-world problem solving throughout the unit. With extra focus on dominant and recessive genes, Punnett...
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Teaching Problem Solving Strategies in the 5-12 Curriculum

For Teachers 5th - 12th
Address any kind of math concept or problem with a series of problem-solving strategies. Over 12 days of different activities and increasing skills, learners practice different ways to solve problems, check their answers, and reflect...
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From A (Away) to Z (Zero)

For Teachers 5th - 8th Standards
Schools generate a lot of trash. This lesson has groups collect data about the amount of trash that people generate at school over a period of time. They sort the trash and determine the amounts based upon type. The class determines the...
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Math in English Skills VII Exercise Book

For Students 1st - 6th
A great way to help struggling learners with long division is to provide graph paper. These worksheets provide handy boxes to help kids keep all that great work in the right order. It also provides over 20 worksheets to help pupils...
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Ten-Frames – A Games Approach to Number Sense

For Teachers K - 3rd Standards
"How can you help students visualize numbers in a way that is compatible with our base-ten number system?" The answer is simple: use ten-frames. Whether they're being used as a part of classroom routines or as instructional tools, this...
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Teaching Math and Marriage?

For Students 7th - 10th
Should relationship skills be taught in schools? The author of this persuasive essay argues that public high schools should be required to teach marriage skills. After reading the essay, pupils analyze the argument, focusing particularly...
1 In 1 Collection
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Migration Math Madness

For Teachers 4th - 8th Standards
A great way to incorporate math into life science, this instructional activity has learners measure migratory routes on a map and calculate the actual distance that shorebirds on the routes would cover. Learners compute the distance...
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Dance by Numbers

For Teachers 4th - 6th Standards
Get your groove on, let your talents shine, and be ready to rock with a highly engaging, entertaining activity that teaches math patterns and numbers through dancing. A dancing lesson that features math strategies, as well as STEM, is a...
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Valentine's Math and Literacy Centers

For Students K - 1st Standards
Look no further for a Valentine's Day-themed packet intended for math and literacy centers. Learners practice writing, reading, and representing numbers in a variety of ways, including skip counting by 2s, 5s, and 10s to 100. The pink...
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Variable Machine

For Teachers 4th - 6th
What a fantastic way to teach your pre-algebra class about variables! All you need is two strips of paper per student to create "variable machines." They write the alphabet on one strip, and number zero-25 down the other, wrapping each...
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Grade 1 Supplement Set A3 - Number and Operations: Addition and Subtraction on the Number Line

For Teachers 1st Standards
Hop your way through a mathematical equation with your first grade class as they learn the idea of moving up and down the number line. Adding and subtracting like little frogs is an engaging and clever way to teach/reinforce this concept.
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Integers: Quick, Fun and Easy To Learn

For Students 6th Standards
A good complement to any integers unit contains a three-day lesson plan about positive and negative integers, adding and subtracting integers, and how to find the additive inverse. Additionally, it provides all necessary worksheets and...
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Introduction to Protractors

For Students 4th - 5th Standards
What is a protractor and how does it work? Explore the properties of protractors and how they are used to measure angles. After a quick review of measurement terms and angles, learners are shown why a protractor is necessary for...
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Grade 5 Math Module 1, Topic B, Lesson 5

For Teachers 5th Standards
There is more than one way to write a number. The lesson plan provides teachers with a way to teach reading and writing decimals to thousandths using standard, expanded, and unit forms. Pupils work through in-class and homework...
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Introduction to Solving Linear Systems

For Teachers 8th - 11th Standards
Word problems offer class members an opportunity to learn the concept of solving linear systems using graphs. Individuals choose a problem based upon preferences, break into groups to discuss solution methods and whether there is...
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Getting the Most out of Teaching with Newspapers

For Teachers 4th - 7th Standards
No matter what subject you're teaching, you'll find some fun and innovative ideas for using newspapers in your classroom with a helpful resource. Based on Getting the Most Out of Teaching with Newspapers by Rebecca Olien, the series of...

Solving Problems in Two Ways—Rates and Algebra

For Students 9th - 10th Standards
Build confidence by using multiple approaches to problem solving! This resource uses a visual and algebraic approach to solving application problems. A discussion is included about efficient approaches to different problems.
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A Letter to Amy Teaching Plan

For Teachers Pre-K - 2nd Standards
Peter wants to send a special birthday party invitation to Amy, but a lot can happen between the front door and the mail box. Read the children's book A Letter to Amy by Ezra Jack Keats with your class to find out what happens, extending...