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Many Ways to Do Addition

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A great aspect of teaching math is that children have the freedom to solve problems using a variety of different strategies. The focus of this activity is for young mathematicians to become aware of many ways of answering addition questions. Learners begin by solving a simple addition equation using paper and pencil, crayons, markers, number lines, manipulatives, or any other materials they may need. Children are then called on to share their solutions as the teacher creates a list of the strategies they used. Consider adding illustrations to the list and posting it in the classroom to support children as they develop their fluency with addition. 

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CCSS: Designed
  • Lesson uses a combination of whole-group discussion and pair sharing to encourage the participation of all students
  • Includes a list of common addition strategies that young mathematicians may use
  • Number lines are not included with the lesson, requiring teachers to provide their own
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