Transforming Education: SEL for Educators Toolkit

Collector: Ann V.

Become a champion of social-emotional development with an informative video series created for educators. Intended for those that teach kindergarten to twelfth grade, the toolkit includes a companion guide, presentation, reference list, and a one-page snapshot that neatly showcases the five practices an educator will employ. The first video details the what, why, and how of social-emotional learning. The second video details the first social and emotional learning practice—examining identity. Mini module #3 focuses on exploring emotions, while module #4 details how to use an asset-based lens, listen empathetically, and look at behavior as a communication. Mini Module #5 examines the high-leverage practice of orienting towards optimism, paying special attention to the action of recognizing negativity bias, refraining and retraining the brain, and practicing gratitude. Finally, educators discover the ins and outs of high-leverage practices—understanding the "cost of caring," forming healthy habits, asking for help, and learning to say no.

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