SEL for Educators: Mini Module #6

This SEL for Educators: Mini Module #6 instructional video also includes:

Keep stress low by establishing balance and boundaries with Mini Module #5. In this social-emotional learning video, educators discover the ins and outs of final high-leverage practices—understanding the "cost of caring," forming healthy habits, asking for help, and learning to say no. 

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Instructional Ideas
  • To take the practice one step further, set boundaries in the workplace as well as in your personal life
  • Make a list of your support team, identify who you can call on to help your day go smoothly
  • Create a checklist of healthy habits to review daily 
Classroom Considerations
  • This video is the last of seven resources in an SEL for educators
  • Make time to watch first Mini Module #1 before watching other modules
  • According to the video, balance and boundaries create a more sustainable work-life
  • It makes the connection between an educators' "cost of caring" and the success of their pupils 
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