SEL for Educators: Mini Module #4

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In this social-emotional learning journey, educators watch an 11-minute video that examines how to cultivate compassionate curiosity. Mini Module #4 details how to use an asset-based lens, listen empathetically, and look at behavior as a communication.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Use a journal to jot down instances where you display empathy, take note of patterns—encourage pupils to do the same to shed light on the importance of the character trait
  • Discuss what it means to see behavior as communication with grown-ups at Back-to-School Night or conferences in hopes to inspire the practice outside of school
  • Answer reflection questions with colleagues whether safely in-person, over a blog post, or virtual meeting
Classroom Considerations
  • Mini Module #4 is part of a series consisting of seven resources
  • Plan to watch Mini Module #1 before watching the series
  • Boosts social awareness
  • Modeling empathy and other character traits benefit the educator as well as the young audience watching daily
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