Flipped Math: Common Core Algebra 2

Collector: Ann V.

Algebra 2 pupils will flip over a 13-unit course that addresses Common Core standards designed for out-of-class learning. The first-semester unit covers polynomials, polynomial functions, radicals, transformations of functions, and complex numbers. The seven lessons in the semester two unit focus on exponential functions, logarithms, trigonometric functions, graphing trigonometric functions, sequence and series, distributions and probability, and sampling methods. Videos present the concepts while worksheets permit scholars to practice their skills. The unit review problems ask learners to demonstrate what they have learned.

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radical equations, radical expressions, radicals, simplify radicals, solving equations, solving for 1 variable, extraneous solutions, square roots, combining like terms, like terms, graphing systems of equations, solving systems by graphing, systems of equations, systems of linear equations, absolute value functions, quadratic functions, cubic functions, parent functions, function families, transformations, translations, stretching, compression, nonlinear systems, elimination method, substitution method, complex numbers, imaginary numbers, solving quadratics, quadratic equations, quadratic formula, complex roots, exponential functions, math modeling, compound interest, interest rates, properties of exponents, percent change, exponential growth, exponential decay, rational exponents, radical form, simplify rational expressions, fractional exponents, multiplication exponents, negative exponents, domain, range, graphing trigonometric functions, trigonometric, trigonometric equations, inverse trigonometric functions, trigonometric functions, trigonometric word problems, trigonometry applications, cosine, sine, amplitude, periods, frequency, vertical shifts, degrees, arithmetic series, geometric series, series, arithmetic sequences, geometric sequences, sequences, the recursive formula, explicit formulas, terms, outcomes, sample spaces, compound events, compound probability, unions, intersection, conditional probability, random numbers, experimental design, making observations, cause and effect, correlation, variables, control groups, randomness, the placebo effect, random sampling, sampling, population, bias
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