Common Core Algebra 1, Unit 2: Create and Solve Equations and Inequalties

Collector: Ann V.

Learners view instruction videos to create and solve equations and inequalities. The first video focuses on determining what values make an algebraic equation true. Pupils describe the solution set using three different methods: verbally, set notation, and graphically. A second video deals with solving multi-step linear equations. Viewers solve equations with variables on both sides of the equal sign, combining like terms and the distributive property. They practice solving inequalities, check their answers with the video, and practice the concept with the included worksheets. In the next video in the series, Individuals find out that solving a formula for a variable on interest is no different than solving an equation. Scholars practice the learned concepts with the included worksheets. The unit review has scholars work through a review of the unit on equations and inequalities. They begin with solving equations and inequalities with no context, move on to problems that involve a context, and finish with a performance task.

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