Becoming Us: Belonging

Collector: Ann V.

The Becoming Us: Belonging module examines how the American ideal of shared identity has been challenged by fear and insecurity. The first of three case studies focus on the deportation of Mexican American citizens during the Great Depression. Young historians read documents, complete a free-write, and fill out a worksheet to understand the mass deportations' motivation. The second brings the conditions of Japanese American internment camps to light using primary documents. Scholars analyze sources, complete worksheets, and debate the impact of the government's apology to all Japanese Americans affected by Order 9066. For the last case study, pupils learn about the Islamophobia that occurred to many Muslim Americans following the 9/11 attacks. The resource provides videos, articles, and interviews to explain the Islamic religion. Scholars also complete handouts and participate in group discussions to understand the anger directed toward Muslim Americans following the terrorist attack.

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