More Testimonials

Lesson Planet helped me secure a job.

Jacqueline L.
Woodbridge, VA
I have been able to find excellent practice or review work for my students to use as homework.

Brooke L.
Beaumont, TX
I love Lesson Planet! It has so many good worksheets and ideas, all in one place! It really saves time, and I always find something that is useful.

Darlene F.
New Ulm, MN
Using Lesson Planet, I am able to find new and innovative ideas to use immediately in my classroom.

Julie U.
Mishawaka, IN
Lesson Planet helps me find relevant homework and lab assignments.

Mindy T.
High Point, NC
Lesson Planet helps me fill in the gaps in our curriculum and add lessons that we need more work on.

Christy G.
Canton, GA
With Lesson Planet, I can easily find resources for topics I am teaching right at my fingertips!

Kim M.
Wilmington, NC
Through Lesson Planet, I have been able to find and implement many learning activities that are highly fun and interesting for students. Lesson Planet is a great time saver!

Carolyn M.
Hampton, VA
Lesson Planet allows me to have fresh ideas in planning lessons as well as great worksheets for me to use with my students.

April H.
Jacksonville, AR
I love having access to so many unique worksheets and lesson plan help. I also love the ease of use - I can find anything I need with just a few clicks of the mouse!!! I love this site!!!

Margaret S.
Woodbridge, VA
Lesson Planet helps me in finding ideas for lessons, worksheets on every level to help me meet the needs of my special education students. I love it!!

Kimberly R.
Dobbs Ferry, NY
As a home-schooling parent, I cannot emphasis just how great Lesson Planet is! The lessons cater to everyone from my youngest child to my high-schoolers. I get plenty of great ideas and inspiration here - no excuse to have a mental block concerning what to teach or how to teach it ever again!

Sarah W.
Atascadero, CA
Lesson Planet has helped me greatly this year. I was put in a class without any materials and told to teach it. Using Lesson Planet has given me ideas that have helped to make my class more interesting for students.

Laurie K.
Cedar Springs, MI
On Lesson Planet, I find many valuable resources aligned with state standards as well as my curriculum.

Jeffrey R.
Bronx, NY
I am able to collect many different ideas on how to teach a subject or idea outside of what's in the book. My kids love that they can get away from the usual book - book - test routine when I grab a lesson off here.

Rachel P.
Hayes Center, NE
Fast and easy.

Kenna E.
San Antonio, TX
I love Lesson Planet because if I am teaching a particular concept or topic, I can type that in and instantly have access to ideas that enhance my own ideas.

Cathy P.
Without Lesson Planet I don't think I would have made it this year. This is my first year teaching and without this site I would have been lost. Even though I have my school books, this site just enhances all subjects. It takes the kids out of the books into a new world that they may not have a chance to view. I'm at a private school and our resources are limited with few books. This site save my life and my JOB... I love it.

Subrina H.
Jacksonville, FL
Lesson Planet allows me to have new ideas. I love the activities provided. Also, because I teach Special Ed your search engine makes it very easy to find what I need.

Consuelo A.
Tobyhanna, PA
I am a college student obtaining my degree in elementary education. Lesson Planet has helped me gain valuable lessons and information on each grade level for my student teaching.

Jennifer E.
Sussex, WI
Lesson Planet has provided me with worksheets on various concepts that I could not find anywhere else. The range of concepts is almost endless.

Betty B.
Angie, LA
Finding time to search for information is a major problem, now with Lesson Planet I can have fresh teacher orientated ideas within seconds to complement my lessons.

Eduard d.
Lesson Planet is where I go when I need new ideas for something.

Barb M.
Strongsville, OH
Lesson Planet helps me use our state standards to meet the needs of my students.

Robin W.
Washington, DC
Lesson Planet saves so much time when I'm looking for material to go with the standards we teach.

Nadine J.
Lesson Planet provides an excellent "idea database for teachers."

Hadley T.
Wellington, FL
Lesson Planet gives me lesson ideas that have been evaluated, which cuts down on the number sites I look at that are useless or irrelevant.

Tamara T.
Seattle, WA
Lesson Planet helps me create awesome lesson plans.

Lauren B.
Chicago, IL
My Lesson Planet Membership helps me enhance my own lessons. I feel this membership enables me to collaborate with other teachers.

Brooke E.
Lido Beach, NY
Lesson Planet helps me with new ideas for the areas I teach all the time.

Stacey G.
Houston, TX

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