Lesson Plan

The Influence of Latin Music in Postwar New York City

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Music has often been called the international language that transcends cultures and regions. Scholars analyze the impact of Latin American music on New York City culture in the years following World War II. They research music, video, graphics, and images to create a clear picture of how the Latin beat resonates in all forms of music.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas
  • To set the tone for the lesson, have Latin Music from post-WWII era playing as the students enter
  • Extend the lesson by having students research current Latin American music stars and their impacts on society today
Classroom Considerations
  • Keep multimedia station materials in central location for multiple days' use 
  • Includes printable worksheets and materials for classroom distribution and use
  • Provides lesson extension opportunities with readings and additional audio performances 
  • None