Ocean Exploration

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Sea explorers and scientists have found that because of temperatures being two to three degrees Celsius at the bottom of the ocean, most animals are lethargic in order to conserve energy. In this web quest, pairs of learners read about past and present deep-sea explorers, their interests, current research, and how they came to be oceanographers. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • A great introductory activity to a unit on oceans
Classroom Considerations

  • Activity consists of two parts, a web quest and an independent portion; the independent portion may be assigned as homework, which would shorten the duration by one day
  • Activity is appropriate for middle schoolers
  • Needs include one computer per pair of scholars
  • First in a 10-part series

  • Lesson includes a worksheet and answer key for web quest
  • Provides additional information for teachers of deaf students, background information, extensions, and other resources

  • None
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