Lesson 4: Gorongosa's Food Webs

Who eats who in the savannas of Africa? Explore trophic levels with part four of an eight-part series of lessons focused around Gorongosa National Park. After young explorers identify animals using trailcam images, they construct a food chain, a food web, and then learn how disturbances in the ecosystem affect the relationships.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Have the class illustrate their food chains and food webs for a creative alternative
  • Ask pupils to identify other disturbances that could occur in the savanna and how they would affect animal populations
Classroom Considerations
  • Complete the lesson after pupils have practiced identifying animals in previous Gorongosa lessons
  • The resource progresses learners from creating food chains and webs to a closer examination of ecological relationships
  • Interactive is easy to use, and the documents are well-written
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